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The Mad Scientist
The Mad Scientist
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Jeff Hager


Born and raised in Walnut Creek, I graduated from Las Lomas High School. Then it was off to U.C. Santa Cruz, where I minored in Anthropology, and majored in Psychological Biology, with an emphasis in animal behavior. After graduating in 1993 with a BA, I worked as a field assistant on a PhD dissertation, and also performed endangered species surveys in Santa Cruz and San Mateo Counties. Dissatisfied with the money involved in field biology, I began working in the publications department of Santa Cruz Biotech, where I did technical writing, package design, and catalog production. But life in the office soon took its toll, and before long I was working various odd jobs in order to maximize my time in the outdoors.

In 2000 I started a skateboarding camp for 4 th-8 th graders called San Ramon Valley Skate Camp. This was when I discovered my great love of teaching and working with kids. I enrolled in Cal State East Bay and received my multiple subject credential in 2004.

When I’m not teaching I like to bike, hike, motocross, surf, skate, run fast, play ultimate Frisbee, disc golf, basketball, and generally any other sport you can think of. I am a big fan of the Oakland A’s, Golden State Warriors, Sector 9 longboards, and long restful days at the beach. In my younger days I was a world champion ultimate player and published author of several short stories.

This past few years have been especially eventful for me, as I got married and bought a house. I relax by spending time poking sticks in the dirt in my backyard and planting seeds, and my interest in horticulture and the environment has led to the development of the Stone Valley Garden and Environmental Science Program. As many things as I have accomplished in my life, becoming a teacher (and specifically a teacher of science) is the greatest accomplishment yet. Not only am I making a difference in the world, but I am also having a great time doing it.

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Mr. Hager's Virtual Classroom

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