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Teresa Butler-Doran Locker

Teresa Butler-Doran


Hey there, I'm Teresa Butler-Doran and I've been teaching 6th and 7th grade science at Stone Valley since 1998. I became interested in science when I started middle school. My 7th grade science teacher made science so fun and interesting that I wanted to learn more. Eventually, I got my degree in biology from UC Santa Cruz and then decided that I wanted to become a teacher to teach the cool science concepts I learned to kids. I believe that children are the best kind of people to work with- curious, excited and fun!

The picture that you're looking at is a photo of me and my family in Antelope Slot Canyon in the Navajo Reservation in Arizona in 2006. This canyon was formed by the erosion of sandstone due to flash floods that occurred there over several thousands of years. In 6th grade we'll be learning a lot about erosion and the Earth so I thought that this would be a nice photo for you to see. My husband Keith, my son Connor and daughter Lily are standing with me.

Some of my hobbies include gardening and Zumba (a form of dancing aerobics). I like to spend time with my family traveling and exploring the world around us. We often go to the beach and investigate tide pools and build sand castles.