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Eric Rasch


After graduating from Cal Poly SLO with a BS in business and marketing, I've been a classroom teacher since 2004 and a paraprofessional for 2 years before teaching. I was born in Berkeley, raised in Alameda, and went to high school at Bishop O'Dowd in Oakland.

Teaching is great because you never see the same thing twice. Although the material may be the same, the way the students react and interpret it is always new. The students offer a fresh take on life and make my job great! The best part about the job though, is when students come back to visit and say thank you for helping them enjoy learning.

I love the Stone Valley community! The staff, parents, and students make Stone Valley one of the best places to work. I always look forward to returning to my classroom and having a good time with my students.

In my free time, I like to: Relax! I enjoy spending time with friends and family, watching movies, and eating good food. Although my body often hates me for it, I still get together with my college teammates and run around on the rugby field every now and then.

Another of my passions is travel. My wife and I love to tour the country, and the world, learning about new places and cultures. Whether it is sitting on a beach, exploring ruins, hiking in jungles, or getting lost in a museum, I enjoy soaking in what that place has to offer.

Class Policy

Please download class policy from my locker.


Welcome to my webpage.  You should find everything you need here to be successful in 7th grade Core.  If you can't find something, or have a question, please send me an email.



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