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Mark Cygnet Locker

Mark Cygnet


Welcome to Stone Valley 7th grade core!

Hello, my name is Mark Cygnet and I teach Core 7. I was born and raised in Minnesota, the state that gave the world Betty Crocker, the Pillsbury Doughboy, and by sheer coincidence, pacemakers. After attending the University of Minnesota for an excessive number of years, I became an attorney. Opponents of criminals walking the streets delighted in my work; my clients languishing behind bars not so much.

From there I moved on to a legal technology company, for whom I negotiated contracts, wrote user manuals and, thankfully, got transferred to warm, sunny California. But after many years of traveling this beautiful state as an account manager, the Internet—yes, the very same Internet that had made my livelihood possible for so long—made my livelihood obsolete. Fortunately, this led me to teaching, which has proven to be the most rewarding job I’ve ever had. I’ve taught in Pleasanton and Livermore, but I’m thrilled to have finally won my way to the best district in California, where I now teach at its finest middle school.

My lovely wife and I live in Pleasanton with our two boys and our dog. When my wife and I aren’t binging British crime dramas on Netflix (don’t watch too much TV, kids, look away!), I enjoy reading books and listening to podcasts and recorded lectures.