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2018-2019 Course Registration Current 6th & 7th Grade

Elective Sign Up Sheet

If you are a new student to Stone Valley and did not register for your classes online, please click here to complete our elective preference sheet and return it to Chelsea Balough or Lisa Knebel


Elective Sign Ups

It is important you know what classes you are signing up for, so gather all  the information you need! Please review the Middle School Course Catalog prior to sign-ups. It is helpful if you come prepared with the list of courses you are requesting. 


Students have the option to request a Zero period class or to limit their school day to 6 periods instead of 7. Zero period will available depending on students requests. Students can not take a Zero period and a 6 period day. 

*Please note: Students who are requesting a Zero period or a 6 period day, will need to have additional form signed by a parent or guardian approving this schedule request. This form will be available during course selections the week of February 26th. 


  • Elective sign ups will be held IN CLASS throughout the week of February 26th. Please come to class prepared with your top four options (2 classes per semester, two semesters) and your four alternates. You are not guaranteed to receive all four of your requests. 
  • If you miss school the day your class registers you will be called in to complete your registration on Wednesday 3/7. Make-ups can also be completed at home. Click here for Registration instructions. 
  • When you have completed your elective registration please print your summary, have your parent sign it and return it to Mrs. Balough by Friday, March 9th. 

Elective Choices

It is our hope that students receive all of their elective requests. While we are not always able to honor all 4 requests it is our goal to honor 2 out of the 4. Additionally, courses are subject to change. The quantity of sign-ups, determines whether a class will be offered for the 2018-2019 academic school year. Most elective classes must reach 28 sign-ups to be offered. Please review the list of electives below and come to class prepared with your 4 top choices and your 4 alternate choices. 



  • Computer Science
  • Art 1
  • Art 3D
  • Media Graphics
  • Drama
  • Video Production (Responsible for SVTV)
  • Environmental Science
  • Forensic Science
  • Teacher Aide (8th grade only. Only list as an alternate class.)
  • Foods 1 & 2  (1 must be taken before 2)            

YEAR (These classes count as 2 elective choices because they cover the full school year and 2 semesters. Please note that language classes count as an elective choice.) 

  • Spanish 1A & 1B
  • AVID 7th grade & AVID 8 grade 
  • French 1A, 1B
  • Chorus 
  • Symphonic Band (8th Grade)
  • Concert Band (7th Grade)
  • Leadership ( Application Required, available during sign-ups and in the office. Due March 9th, 2017 )




Registration Instructions

If you are absent and unable to register with your class at school. Please first contact Mrs. Balough to confirm at home registration is necessary. 


If you move forward with at home registration, please click here for instructions.




Last year over 100 students requested to be in Leadership and only 35 were accepted. Please consider this when completing your application. 



Please complete the Leadership Application no later than Friday March 9th. 


Two teacher recommendations will be required for your application to be considered. Click here for the recommendation form. 



Flex Day/PLI's

Flex Day options will be available depending on class size and requests. Click here for the registration form. 

  • Students at Stone Valley can request a Zero Period class which will allow them to start school at 7:15 (Monday-Friday) and leave at the end of 6th period. Zero period classes will be offered based on class size and teacher availability. If your child has requested a zero period class please expect to hear more from your counselor by the end of March, 2018. 
  • Students will also have the options to request a shortened day. They will choose to attend period 1-6 or 2-7. Please understand that this may limit the availability of class options.


The San Ramon Unified School District has proposed a number of Personalized Learning Initiatives set to start the 2018/2019 school year. Please click here for up to date information. 


Independent Study PE. Some students may qualify for ISPE which will allow students to earn PE credit away from the school site. More detailed information will be released late March. Please contact our Assistant Principal, Allison Mulliken with questions.