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2022-2023 Course Registration Current 6th & 7th Grade

Elective Sign Ups

  • It is important you know what classes you are signing up for, so gather all  the information you need! Please review the Middle School Course Catalog prior to choosing classes. 
  • Students and families will receive at home course sign up details on Wednesday, February 23, 2022. 
  • Please review the 2022-2023 7th and 8th grade scheduling slide show thoroughly and then complete each step with the provided links.  
  • Online registration window is open Wednesday February 23rd and will close Wednesday March 2. 
Summer Advancement

Flex Day/PLI's

Students have the option to request a shortened day. They will choose to attend period 1-6 or 2-7. Please understand that this may limit the availability of class options.

Independent Study PE Some students may qualify for ISPE which will allow students to earn PE credit away from the school site. Go to the District ISPE site for more information. Applications deadline has passed. Please contact our Assistant Principal, Allison Mulliken with questions. 

Elective Choices 22/23

It is our hope that students receive all of their elective requests. While we are not always able to honor all 4 requests it is our goal to honor 2 out of the 4. Additionally, courses are subject to change. The quantity of sign-ups, determines whether a class will be offered for the 2022-2023  academic school year. Most elective classes must reach 28 sign-ups to be offered. Please review the list of electives below and come to class prepared with your 4 top choices and your 4 alternate choices. 


  • Art 1/Art 2

  • Leadership (App Required)

  • Teachers Aide (8th Grade only)

  • PALs (8th grade only. App & Teacher Recommendation required)

  • Environmental & marine studies 

  • Computer Projects

  • Media & Graphic Design 

  • Speech & Debate 

  • Foods 1/Foods  2

  • Forensic Science

YEAR (These classes count as 2 elective choices because they cover the full school year and 2 semesters. Please note that language classes count as an elective choice.)

  • French 1A (7th Grade) 1B (8th Grade)

  • Spanish 1A (7th Grade) 1B (8th Grade)

  • Yearbook

  • Drama

  • Concert Band

  • Symphonic Band

  • Strings Band 

  • Academic Support (IEP Only)

  • No Elective (early release or late start)