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Dates to Remember

Incoming 6th Grade Middle School Visit at Stone Valley - March 5th, 10-10:45 am

We will welcome all incoming 6th graders to Stone Valley Middle School on Tuesday, March 5th from 10-10:45. Students will be welcomed by Stone Valley students and staff, given a tour of the campus and have a quick Q & A with SVMS students before they head back to school. Transportation will be arranged by your child’s elementary school.  


Parent Night - May 9th, 4:30-5:15,5:15-6, 6-7:30

Please join Stone Valley Administrators, and teachers on Thursday, May 9th from 5:15-6 in the MPR for an overview of your child's 6th grade year including ways for you and your child to get involved. Prior to this meeting we will be holding a meeting with our parents of students in special education from 4:30 to 5:15 in the Library. To close out the night parents will have the opportunity to visit classrooms during our annual Open House which takes place 6-7:30.


WEB Day, Where Everyone Belongs - August 8th,7:45am-12:15pm

The week before school starts on Thursday, August 8th from 7:45-12:15 students are invited to attend WEB day! Sixth graders armed with their schedules in hand are welcomed with their first middle school assembly and then split off into groups with our WEB leaders to participate in games, meet their new classmates and end the day with a pizza lunch!


Elective Sheets due to Stone Valley or your child's current 5th grade teacher ( If enrolled in SRVUSD): 3/8/2019

2019-2020 Incoming 6th Grade Information

Welcome SVMS Class of 2022

Hello SVMS class of 2022!

Welcome to Stone Valley Middle School! Welcome to more classes, more friends and more chances to grow and change. This is a big year for all of you. It is very important to take care of yourself and work on finding a balance and finding your way. Ask lots of questions, lean on your family and friends, and study hard. 

Remember that this is all new for you and you are allowed to trip and fall sometimes. Its how you choose to get back up and take a stand that really says who you are and want to be. 

Please know and trust that your counselors are here for you to support you with school, classes, friends and more. 

Standing behind you and supporting you all the way. 

Mrs. Balough and Mrs. Haynes

Stone Valley Campus Tour

Incoming 6th Grade Middle School Visit to Stone Valley

We will welcome all incoming 6th graders from Montair, Alamo and Rancho Elementary to Stone Valley Middle School on March 5th from 10-10:45 Students will be welcomed by Stone Valley students and staff, given a tour of the campus and have a quick Q & A with SVMS students before they head back to school. Transportation will be arranged by your child’s elementary school.

6th Grade Schedule

Brief intro to your schedule:

This year you will have a number of changes to your school schedule. One great opportunity is the 6th grade wheel. The Wheel is a group of four electives that you and your class will take throughout the school year. These electives will give you an idea of what electives to choose from for your 7th and 8th grade school years. 6th graders have a choice to either take Band or Wheel, they are unable to take both. 

Additionally in your schedule, you will have three periods of CORE (reading, language arts, social studies), science, math and PE. 

If you have not yet completed your elective request, please complete this schedule form and return it to the Stone Valley Office. 


Where Everyone Belongs

Thursday, August 8th at 7:45 am, come to Stone Valley Middle School for fun, games, food, and a special school tour.

  • 6th grade Check-in at 7:45 am and the assembly will begin promptly at 8:00am. Please be on time!!

  • 7th and 8th Graders please arrive no later than 9:30.

  • Please wear comfortable clothes and shoes appropriate for being active.

  • Eat breakfast at home and then we will serve you lunch from noon until parent pick-up at 12:15.

Flex Day/PLI's

Students will have the option to request a shortened day. They will choose to attend period 1-6 or 2-7. This will eliminate the wheel from the 6th grade schedule.

Additionally students may be allowed to attend a zero period class. This will allow them to start school at 7:15 and leave after 6th period or 5th period on Block days. This option will be available based on student requests. Your school will contact you to confirm the option. 

Please complete this application if you would like to request one of the flex day options. 

The San Ramon Unified School District offered a number of Personalized Learning Initiatives. Please click here for up to date information. 

Independent Study PE Some students may qualify for ISPE which will allow students to earn PE credit away from the school site. Go to the District ISPE site for more information and click here for the 19/20 Application . Please contact our Assistant Principal, Allison Mulliken with questions.